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Michigan in Brief: 2002–03, prepared and published by Public Sector Consultants, Inc., provides useful information about the state and an objective look at more than 40 public policy topics of current concern to Michigan residents and their elected representatives. The issues are treated in sufficient depth to be useful to the well-informed yet written plainly enough to be understood by nonexperts. Each policy topic presentation has four parts: a glossary; background information; discussion of policy options, including a balanced, nonpartisan presentation of various viewpoints; and sources of additional information, including telephone and FAX numbers as well as Web sites where available. (E-mail addresses are not included because they change too frequently.)

Chapters 1–3 of Michigan in Brief provide historical, general, and budgetary information about the state.

  • “About Michigan” summarizes the economic, cultural, and political history of the state, recounting events from 1600 to the present, and presents a profile of the state's people and lifestyles in addition to a list of facts aabout the state.
  • “About State Government” profiles the executive branch (including brief descriptions of state departments), legislative branch (with a sketch of the lawmaking process), and judicial branch (with an explanation of the various courts' jurisdictions) and also summarizes state government's checks and balances.
  • “About the State Budget” outlines the process by which Michigan's annual financial plan is determined.

Chapter 4, “About Michigan's Nonprofit Sector,” describes the organization, breadth, and contribution of this sector to the state's people and economy.

This is the seventh edition of Michigan in Brief, and the content is confined largely to key policy issues related to human services, the environment, health care, and the arts. In addition to the index listing the subjects treated in this edition, the tables of contents from earlier editions are presented to assist readers who are interested in topics from these publications.

This handbook is available in hard copy and on line. To order it in hard copy, please use the form on the last page of the document. On line, this edition as well the sixth may be found at www.michiganinbrief.org. For further information, please contact Public Sector Consultants, Inc., at 600 West St. Joseph Street, Lansing, Michigan 48933. The firm may be reached at 517/484-4954, 517/484-6549 (FAX), psc@pscinc.com, and www.publicsectorconsultants.com.

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