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About Public Sector Consultants

Public Sector Consultants (PSC) Inc., is a private Michigan corporation. The firm, which was founded in 1980, strives to improve its clients’ ability to meet the challenges of a changing world and communicate effectively with their constituencies. Public Sector Consultants is located in Lansing and specializes in the following:

  • Nonpartisan policy research
  • Health, environmental, education, human services, information technology, and economic analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Program evaluation
  • Survey research
  • Public involvement

Public Sector Consultants’ services have been commissioned by hundreds of state and local government agencies, school districts, colleges and universities, professional associations, hospitals, foundations, and private corporations. A number of its reports have attracted regional and national attention, and many have substantially affected public policy and attitudes.

Clients from the private, nonprofit, and public sectors use PSC’'s research, analytical, communications, and advisory capacities to develop and implement policies and strategic plans; improve internal management; identify stakeholder priorities and forge consensus among community interests; and identify political, regulatory, and economic factors influencing decisions.

The PSC staff is listed below. The firm also maintains a roster of affiliated consultants.

William R. Rustem President & Chief Executive Officer
Peter Pratt Senior Vice President for Health & Human Services
Jeff Williams Senior Vice President for Technology & Public Policy
Jack Bails Vice President & Senior Consultant for Natural Resources
Suzanne Miel-Uken Vice President & Senior Consultant for Health & Human Services
Craig Ruff Senior Policy Fellow
Ken Sikkema Senior Policy Fellow
Julie Metty Bennett Senior Consultant for Natural Resources
Mark A. Coscarelli Senior Consultant for Great Lakes & Environmental Policy
Holly Madill Senior Consultant for Natural Resources & Land Use
Amanda Menzies Senior Consultant for Health Policy
Jane Powers Senior Consultant for Health Policy
Melissa L. Riba Senior Consultant for Evaluation & Survey Research
Elisabeth Weston Senior Consultant for Technology & Business Processes
Carol Barish Consultant for Natural Resources & Environment
Shivaugn Rayl Consultant for Natural Resource Policy
Amy Spray Consultant for Natural Resources
Donna Van Natter Consultant for Technology & Business Processes
Craig Wiles Consultant for Evaluation & Survey Research
Khadija Swims Public Policy Fellow
Lynne Clark Executive Assistant
Janice Jackson Administrative Assistant
LaWalt Johnson Network & Production Manager
Jacqueline D. LaFay Executive Assistant
Diane Levy Senior Editor
Linda Sykes Controller

Public Sector Consultantsí offices are located at 230 N. Washington Square, Suite 300, Lansing, Michigan 48933. The firm may be reached by telephone (517/484-4954), facsimile (517/484-6549), e-mail (psc@pscinc.com), or Internet (www.pscinc.com).

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